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FarrOPEN is a free movement pen developed on farm with both Pig and staff welfare at the forefront of consideration

The pen is safe and simple to operate and can easily be moved into several positions dependant upon the needs of the animals or workers to carry out important husbandry tasks.

Each animal behaves differently FarrOPEN enables the operator to safely adjust the pen size to accommodate the needs of each individual sow.

Filling and emptying the sows is a one handed operation as is the adjustment of the pen width, This enables the operator full control over the side gate making the task safe and uncomplicated.

Food and Water are placed in a position to avoid the risk of sows fouling either. Water is separate from the food to keep both clean. The water bowl is shared by both the sow and piglets with a sow nipple also provided above the bowl.

FarrOPEN can be fitted to various different size systems and different orientations dependant and customer requirements.

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